Synching mybook live with mycloud

This morning at home I changed some files on mybook live. Using dashboard I created a new share (Movies) and then I moved a number of movie files from my Public folder to the Movie folder.
I also “copied a few” and then deleted the original file that was in “public”

now I am accessing remotely the Mycloud website and logged in. It is show the folders (shares) as they were before changes made. Why did the changed I made not show up on MyCloud?
btw I use Windows 8 at home and Win 7 at work and Explorer


I’m confused. Do you have a single bay/single drive My Cloud device (which is the general subject of this, My Cloud, subforum)? If not you may want to visit the dedicated My Book Live subforum, if you haven’t already, where users of that device may be to assist.

With the single bay/single drive My Cloud, sometimes one has to turn off Remote Access/Cloud Access through the My Cloud Dashboard wait a few minutes, then turn it back on so it rescans the system and shows the correct directory/file structure. For the single bay/single drive My Cloud there is an option under Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access > Configure where one can manually rebuild the content database. If the My Book Live has a “Dashboard” perhaps there is a similar setting there.

Thanks for the quick response.

Yes it is a mybook live so I will check the other forum. Sorry for the confusion, new here today.

Btw that corrective may work on my drive so I’ll try it tonight when I get home

Thanks again!!