Sync with OneDrive

Is there a way to have OneDrive backup to WD My Cloud?

It appears WD didn’t carry the OneDrive 3rd party app forward to the OS5 firmware per the following Knowledgebase Article.

My Cloud OS 5: Feature Differences Between My Cloud OS 3 and My Cloud OS 5

May want to see if the GoodSync app for My Cloud OS5 will do what you seek. One word of note is one may have to pay for the full (non trial) version of GoodSync.

My Cloud OS 5: 3rd Party Apps Matrix

GoodSync Free and Premium for WD My Cloud

GoodSync for WD

GoodSync: Syncing to OneDrive

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Well. . . .Google is notorious for cancelling services, correct?

OneDrive and Dropbox would be considered (in my view) professionally managed, and fairly reliable, but I would not consider it “bullet proof”. T&C’s and costs can change overnight.

I would still make a semi-annual or annual backup of that material would be prudent.

Exactly. And even if OneDrive doesn’t close down, AWS has knocked out half of the internet with user mistakes in server settings, a server farm in Europe burnt down recently… and the cloud services like OneDrive often optimize HDD space by downloading as needed, which won’t work if internet is down etc.

Oh, and user error - I have been know to delete things and regret it later!

Anyway, will try out GoodSync.

Thanks everyone.