Sync to WDTVHub?

Hi there. Just bought Mycloud and am trying to backup my WDTVHub to it. I was trying to use WD sync on my PC to have it sync the mapped WDTVHub drive - but sync does not see the hub.

Any suggestions? Can the Mycloud do this directly without needing the PC?

I don’t need these files available anywhere, just using it for backup.



Officially? No. There is no official mechanism in the My Cloud Dashboard to do what you are seeking (having the My Cloud by itself pull data from the WDTVHub). The embedded backup feature of the My Cloud called SafePoint is for backing up the My Cloud contents to another location.

Unofficially there may be ways to use SSH and standard Linux copy commands to trigger copying or syncing of data from remote locations to the My Cloud.

I was planning to use the backup program it came with until I found out I can’t do more than one source.

Guess I’ll have to figure something out.


What is the backup program? Smartware? If so that is installed to one’s PC and is generally used to backup the PC to the My Cloud not backup some remote network device to the My Cloud.

There may be third party backup programs that will allow one to backup the contents of a mapped drive to the My Cloud. But it would require the computer to be running in order to perform the backup and the backup will be slow as the data will flow from the WDTV device through the computer out to the WD My Cloud.

As previously indicated there may be a way to use SSH to create or implement a backup, by doing a file/folder copy, from the WDTV device to the My Cloud. If one does a Google search they’ll find various posts on how to use Linux commands to initiate copying contents from a remote network drive.

Thanks. Guess I’ll transfer the files manually. I think you also may have answered my next question, which I just created a separate post on.

Thanks again.