Sync not copying subfolder (below Documents) files from Macbook Pro

First time poster, fairly new EX2 owner. First of several frustrations has been trying to get Sync working between a Mac Mini and Macbook Pro. Pretty sure the problem is with the Macbook. From the Mac Mini I’m able to see files in top level Documents folder, and can see subfolders that are in Documents, but can’t see the files in those folders. Tried submitting a case several days ago, but WD has not responded.

Hi there,

Do you get an error of any type on the computer when you try to do a sync or does it show any files pending?

Hi, ArMak. The only error messages I got were about being unable to sync a Pictures folder. Other than that, Sync just seemed to be running constantly (bar moving under the WD icon in the menu bar). I tried removing the Pictures folders from the WD Sync folder, but that didn’t help.