Sync Icons not displaying correctly/refreshing since update

I confirm that my cloud desktop is v. Still have the problem.

@Gabrielle44 if you are still having sync icons on v2.1.0.215, then it’s possible there was a problem with the update on your system. I would suggest to uninstall and remove WD Sync and Installl again to resolve the issue.

The package above will install WD Discovery 2.3.256 and Desktop App which will update to

Ok. But I am afraid if I uninstall and reinstall Îwill’have to redo all my synchronising, which as already taken weeks and is not even achieved yet. Can you tell me if it will happen or not ? Thank you

Desktop Sync is neither an archeive nor a backup copy of the content.
“Sync” meaning that if you delete file A on the computer, file A is also deleted on the My Cloud Home.

If you UnSync and Sync Again, a new Sync Folder will be created.

Gabrielle44…guaranteed it will resync everything. I went through this entire process several times…uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. Days of syncing. Only to find out that it still didn’t work. It’s worth a shot though. They said they “fixed” it. I couldn’t tell you honestly since I’ve returned mine.

Thank you for your explanation but I must tell you that I know the difference between backup and «sync» or archive. Nevertheless my question is still valid. You write :

«If you UnSync and Sync Again, a new Sync Folder will be created. »

What an awfull feature ! It would be so much more usefull to be able to pause the sync instead when necessary !

I an afraid that hill happen if I install and reinstall as it did to other people.

Can you really confirm that it will not ?

Thomp, thank you for the information, if possible to say so …