Sync Folder or Make Available Offline Option Not Available On MAC

Hi Everyone,

Iam unable to see the Sync option when i right click on any folder on my desktop and i also cannot make folder available offline. Both these function worked properly on my MAC after the Mojave update but suddenly stopped working on both the systems. I have also tried toggling the extension from system preferences and rebooted my mac, but that does not make any difference. I have also ejected the drive and reinstalled the app this too does not solve the option. Is any other mac users facing this issue and are you able to resolve it in anyway. Thank You

What is the make, model, year and previous macOS version before the Mojave Update?
Did you uninstall and remove all of the macOS files manually?

Hi, the model is My CLoud Home Duo 4TB, serial number [REMOVED DUE TO PRIVACY POLICY]. Both before and after the Mojave update the sync function was working and has suddenly stopped now. The MAC OS Mojave version is 10.14.2
I have also uninstalled the app as per the instructions and reinstalled it again, Does not work after that too.

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I am facing the same problem as you suffered before. Did you find the solution?

I can’t see the option make available offline when using Mac OS but I can with Windows.

Could someone help me please?