SYNC data between devices


I have just got my MY CLOUD HOME and am currently setting it up ;o)

I am currently setting SYNC for folders on my laptop to the MY CLOUD network drive

I read that it states Sync and keep all devices up to date, but when I right click a folder on my laptop it states… SYNC to MY CLOUD

I assume that if a file is added or removed or altered and re-saved, on my laptop, it SYNC’s to the MY CLOUD.

If the file is opened by my wife on my PC, which is SYNC the same way, then save the file it will save on the PC and SYNC to the MY CLOUD the same as with the laptop.

My question is, if I then re-open the file, from my laptop, has this been SYNC back from MY CLOUD? So that the laptop, the PC and MY CLOUD all have the latest save?

If this happens is it almost immediately or is there any time delay?

Comments and suggestion please.

Thanks in advance.

@PJ-Cloud You’re in the wrong forum. You may want to use this one.