Sync android photos

I have the app on my phone and I have auto backup turned on. I have selected the folders I want synced. I manually synced all photos. However, when I take new photos they’re are not synced until I open the My Cloud app. Do I have to open the app after each photo for them to sync?? What if I take 100 photos on a weekend trip and never opened the app during the trip, nothing is synced and I risk losing them if my phone crashes. What am I missing to get new photos to automatically sync?

That doesn’t happen for mine, mine syncs just fine. Perhaps you have a permissions blocked to “Only when using app” instead of “All the time”.


I don’t see any permissions like that. I forgot to add, I have it set to sync even if not on wifi. Within the app I select manage settings and everything looks fine, to me.

What about under App Settings on the actual MyCloud app, is Auto Backup turn on for you?

Let me knkw if you cant find it.


Yes, as mentioned in my first post, auto backup is turned on.

Anyone with any suggestions? I took photos and videos of my son’s soccer game yesterday. Not until I opened the app today did they sync.

Have you try, location service to always?

I don’t see anything similar in settings.

Check the auto backup option. Open the My Cloud app on your phone and go to the settings section. Look for the auto backup settings and ensure that it’s enabled for the folders containing your new photos. You may also have the option to specify the frequency or conditions for auto backup, such as syncing only when connected to Wi-Fi or when the phone is charging.