Switch from Win10 to macOS Catalina

I would like to switch win10 to macOS. Is it possible to make it?
Can I access MyCloud both from Win10 and macOs?

Thank you in advance for your support.
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Of course it’s possible. You use Mac Finder for local access or MyCloud.com web portal for remote access to the My Cloud. One can, like they can do on Windows, map a share to their Mac.

If you haven’t done so already see the WD Support section (see link top of page) for your My Cloud model where the My Cloud User Manual explains how to access the My Cloud using either a Mac or Windows computer. And where you can find the apps/software for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

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Thanks a lot for that information. It looks like an easy subject for me.
I was a little bit scare when the guy from ispot informed me that I will need to format mycloud to use for mac.I belive he hasn’t been aware of such a great advantes of the item :slight_smile:
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Obviously the “ispot” guy doesn’t know what a My Cloud device actually is. It is, at its core, a simple/basic network attached storage device (NAS). Any computer (Mac, Windows, Linux, other) or mobile device (iOS, Android, other) can access the My Cloud or any other NAS device.

Note: As a constant reminder to others who read these discussions. The My Cloud Home is not the same as the My Cloud line of devices. The My Cloud Home has different features and options than the My Cloud devices. Many have found the My Cloud Home to be a step (or three) down from the capabilities of the My Cloud line of devices.

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Everything is working perfectly well.
I would like to install WD Quick View in order to switch off my cloud (when I am going on holiday).
I read that there is no version of WD Quick View for OS 10.15.
Is it the way to switch off my cloud?
When I enter my cloud through the browser in utilities I have just the option of restarting and log off but not switch off.
I can see many conversations about the topic but none of them is giving the final answer.
Could you support me with that, please?

Thank you in advance!

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One workaround to the lack of a shutdown option in the Dashboard on the v2.x single bay My Cloud is to just use SSH and issue the shutdown command. Plenty of discussion on how to do so on both the first gen and second gen single bay My Cloud.


Note: On the single bay My Cloud there is no “on/off” button/switch. Best one can do is halt the system (which is what the shutdown option generally does) then pull power to the My Cloud. It is generally advisable to issue the shutdown command before pulling the power. One could always connect the My Cloud power plug to a “smart plug” and instruct the smart plug to turn off after issuing the shutdown command to the My Cloud.