Swapping drive

I have a mycloud unit that will not be compatible soon. Can I just get a new enclosure and install my original 2 g hard drive?

What do you mean by not compatible? Does it have OS5 now?

No I am told it won’t upgrade to 5 ?

So – - - what do you actually have now?

I don’t believe WD sells single drive NAS units anymore.

Well. . .there may be one in the WD HOME line. However, any product in the WD HOME line should be shunned and avoided at all costs. The box reads like these are NAS units. . .but they are NOT NAS units.

2TB drives are cheap; and your current one is likely fairly old (I say this because WD has not sold single bay NAS units for a while) Best bet would be to buy a new NAS and just transfer the files using drag/drop.

Note that old OS/3 units are still fully functional on LOCAL networks, although it is HIGHLY advisable to block these completely from the internet at the router level. (i.e. block the IP address from internet access)

Ok thank you for the info
I will have a look around, are they any that will allow albums from a phone been saved as the complete album ?

Oh. . .that depends on the phone you are using.

For IOS and WD software. . . I have not figured it out.