Suttering Video with playback through LAN

My setup is as follows:

Iomega Storcenter IX-200 cloud edition connected directly to aLinksys E4200 Router (with 1Gb connection). The WDTV live is also connected directly through LAN to the router.

I browse and play my movies through shared folders. Usually there are no problems during playback except with highbit 1080p movies or when the bitrate goes temporarily up for example if there is lots of motion like a noisy image, snowflakes etc. the WDTV live starts stuttering. It suddenly stops the playback entirely and doesn’t manage to continue anymore. It doesn’t help to pause the movie, i have to rewind a little for the WDTV to continue for some seconds, but after a short while it stutters again as long as the scene remains motion-heavy.

I am able to play these movies without problems through WLAN on my notebook. Because WDTV had always problems with playback through a WLAN adaptor (n-draft) i decided to lay LAN cables through my whole house, and performance improved indeed, but it is still far from optimal.

Is this a buffering problem of the WDTV live, or is there some configuration part in the router settings that i could try? I doubt the problem is the NAS as i am able to copy a 2 hours 1080p movie within some minutes from my notebook to the NAS with the notebook being connected only wirelessly through WLAN. Why is the WDTV not able to play back the same movie without stuttering?

Thanks for any help!


According to a number of LAN technical documents the data transfer though a LAN is about 75% of the maximum transfer rate. The WDTV Live has a 100Mbit LAN port. According to the PS3MediaServer software, the WDTV Live LAN transfer rate is 74Mbit. Based on the available information you have reached the limitations of the WDTV Live LAN port, therefore expect video stuttering when streaming high bitrate 1080p movies.

What movie has a 74mb transfer rate?