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Much thanks for posting !!!

I only have a extra ex2Ultra for testing OS5

Plus playing around with the M.2 SSD Argon addon for my Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB
as a WD raid disk backup reading device was more fun
(left over disks from the old DL4100 CPU bit the dust days)

I for one cannot fathom why this was not included with OS/5. The functionality is basic.

The whole OS5 story does remind me a bit of this
Dilbert Comic Strip on 1995-09-17 | Dilbert by Scott Adams

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I am not in software. . . but I have have had encounters with “intellectual property”.

None of what you are writing is a surprise.
Of course, I came to similar conclusions after playing with the OS/5 phone app for about an hour.
I can well imagine how the original feature set for the OS/5 was developed. . . .I see they are opening a Beta for new media organization software. . . . .I can just imagine what that is like. Pretty sure this is heading in the exact OPPOSITE direction I want to go . . .and I don’t plan on wasting time proving that theory.

I am more than a bit perturbed by the “privacy invading garbage” that may be present in a “personal cloud” - - -

I would block this device from the internet at the router level; but in earlier testing I found that also blocked the device from accessing other subnets within my network. This facet (of my router, I presume) makes VPN access to the NAS a bit more problematic. I think I need to test this again for both OS/3 and OS/5.

Yeah. . . my default ASUS software allows the same thing.
I could assign the NAS a dedicated IP address, then DENY that address internet access.

So. . .I could still reach the NAS from any device in my house; I could reach the internet from any machine, but all the access to NAS from the WD apps was blocked.
HOWEVER. . .when I logged into my network using a OpenVPN, I noted that the PC was assigned an IP in a different subnet from the rest of the network. . . .and the PC could no longer reach the NAS . . without the internet block, I could reach the NAS.

I will look at this again later. I have not really tested any of this with the last two versions of the OS5 firmware - and I can’t remember if OS3 acted the same way. I will get to this during my lunch time meeting lull (gotta love 2020) tomorrow.

On the PR4100 My Cloud devices >>>

Device local URL on:
Old OS:
New OS:

When you have multiple units, as in our business, when in the browser management interface of a unit, it is difficult to know which device you are managing, since the IP address is no longer in the browser URL as something recognizable.

It would be nice to be able to customize the top bar color or add the device name to it so that you can easily “at-a-glance” know which device you are managing; anything to differentiate the management interfaces from one and other.

Hardcoded style=blah are never good and also just ugly

You think, that’s bad, check out: Disable HTTPS redirect, they’re using an image load event to execute a secure redirect!

I vote for Version 1 then Version 4

Definitely Version 1.

Data is and status of internet/cloud is good.
However, merely having bars for each drives capacity is nice graphically. . .but would be really useful with TB used/TB free explicitly shown.

FYI: While drive temps and fan speed are important. . .not sure they need to be on the home page.

Can you clarify something?

This seems like a contradiction. In the first quote; you are inferring that monit restarts the processes within a minute. Second quote says they won’t restart if you kill it? Maybe I don’t understand the “kill” command?

Unless you are implying that the monit process needs to be edited to remove the restart command for those services?

I suspect this does the routine update of the NAS address to WD servers. You know. . .routine communication to WD, so WD can tell the worlds DNS servers that “on your local network”, that \mycloud should redirect to “\device-local-bunchofnumbers:8543”

This would be a great function to terminate.

HDD Black_list? That sounds interesting. . .

Anyway to change that timeout?

I would be interested in modifying that time delay myself.

Also, less frequent checks to the DNS server would be nice as well.

I hope some of those endeavors are looking into what to do to get past the discovered OS3 security problems that will be back as we return to OS3 form OS5.

Those problems may be the one of the BIG reason we have not seen an official return to OS3.

(at lease we a have a new item to replace one button mice as a White Elephant Gift at the next LAN game party.)

Thanks for all the interesting posting

The motivations for OS/5 are obvious;

  • OS/3 is old, and as such is problematic from a security viewpoint
  • OS/3 is basic from a marketing perspective, from both a web app and local user perspective. It just does not hold up in the marketplace at this point.

So . . the desire to have an OS overhaul is justified.

Of course. . . in terms of implementation. . . .yeah. . .that’s the thing. . . . . . . .

I understand the desire to shuck the entire WD software package and just start with widely accepted freeware like OpenMediaVault.

It’s probably a viable option for the type of person that runs Linux on their PC’s. I am not one of those individuals. . . . I have other hobbies . . . .:wink: (yes, I run Win10 machines)

I was on my OS/3 EX2 dashboard today. . . .it has been online for a day or three. I saw no such advertisement. HOWEVER. . . . I do not have “check for firmware” enabled, and I am at least one firmware revision “back” on that unit (I think I last updated in the early fall). I suspected something like orange add would have turned up if I had the “last” os/3 firmware loaded.

I too read a lot of post over the years and it makes be very sad the number of people needing help .
but it is nice to see an increase in user and WD staff posting.
(you’re post and a few other have been a BIG help )

  • Pie charts * – in the code is there a table of what file types are Movies or music ?


Some of the NAS units do have less onboard memory and OS5 may have pushed the limits and items had to be cut and and built in items moved to Apps.

Pie chart and indexing could be a time hog or some one thought it might be ?

More firmware updates per fortnight (FPF) than ever before .

That being the case, they could have built the dashboard around checking what the available memory for the NAS is when it starts up and have a “low feature” and a “high feature” dashboard available.

Well, certainly I think there is some truths to that here.

  • I am hearing a lot more complaining about indexing from the MyCloud Mirror than the EX2 guys (EX2 has more RAM than the mirror).

  • transcoding is done on the PR4100/PR2100’s and not the Mirrors/EX2. Presumably someone thinks (and they are correct) that he Mirrors/EX2 don’t have the processing power for that. (One can argue that PR4100’s don’t have the horse power for that either).

So there is testing. . . and then there is testing. . . . . .

The biggest issues with OS/5 is not the “bugs”; For what it is trying to do . . it basically works. The PROBLEM is the feature set. The failure to be able to have both Copy and Move in an app is a feature set problem. . . not a “mistake”.

Where things get fuzzy is the whole issue of indexing. This feature “works”; it just works very poorly. It took WD several months to even acknowledge this as a problem. . . . .let alone provide a timeline to address this.

It very much feels like the OS/5 feature set was fixed early in the process; and was never open for discussion beyond that point. (feels like the software engineering is subcontracted; so changes can be very costly)

201115-001307 Login Username no longer using default - damages security My Cloud PR4100 24 TB 14-Nov-2020 Resolved

Note that this was resolved in November!!! And nothing has changed yet!

Resolution actually = we turned it over to the coders and they will decide if and when.
Good luck with that…