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**I wanted to bring a matter to the attention of the Community:
First, I am a Security professional with lots of experience in all aspects of Electronic Security since 1984.
Secondly, as a business owner you must have the ability to purchase “wholesale” and sell “retail”, I do not feel that I need to explain this.
I found the Western Digital ReadyView product and contacted Support to ask questions regarding “Wholesale-Pricing.” I thoroughly explained that I am a WDC customer, and that I have been purchasing WDC hard drives for my surveillance equipment for many years. Much to my surprise, according to the WDC rep, I can only purchase this readyview product thru retail distribution. Now as you can see, $349.00 is a very good RETAIL price for a 4 MP 4-Channel NVR with 4TB HDD (VERY GOOD). Now this presents a conflict of my code of ethics in consideration of “Industry Standards.”
So I must first present the following question as a **Statement,
Why should I continue to purchase product from a company that steps directly into my industry to compete with me, and refuses to offer the same products of competition to my company so that I can profit alongside them? Again, why should I continue to purchase Western Digital Surveillance Drives to build into my recorders (NVR, DVR, XVR) when they are in fact selling a product directly to my customers at a “Kick-Butt-Price”, when in fact they are not offering this same product at a dealer (“ME”) price???
I am a business owner, to remain in business I must make a profit. Western Digital is working against me using this structure of competition against me.
So, I have sent a descriptive message to WDC Support and wait for someone to tell me how I am able to buy this same product for the same price of $349.00 then turn around and sell it for WDC’s ADVERTISED price of $349.00 and make any kind of profit.???
So until I am provided with a wholesale price from WDC on this ReadyView product, I will no longer purchase their products. By the looks of things in the community discussion, the ReadyView product has problems anyway.!

Hi @ctnken,

You should be able to use this link:

Is that the best you can do? “Should be able to use this link”??? No explanation? Is this for wholesale pricing?