Surfing the internet?

I just purchased a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player and got it up and running.  I am able to access my network share drive wirelessly and all the services (Netflix, etc.) but I’m wondering if I am missing something or if this is a stupid question:  How do you access online content to stream to your TV.  Through my cable TV provider, the offer an online service where you can go to their web service and watch shows that you might have missed recently (ie: latest episodes of The Office, etc… - similar to some network TV websites offering latest episodes to be viewed online).  But, how do you access this through this media player or is this not possible?  I figured through one of the services, there would be a web-browser type application but I haven’t been able to find one.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


You can only use the online services provided via the WDTV’s “Services” tab.