Surface pro 3 - Windows 10 - WD Sync not syncyng all files

HI there,

As said in the title I have a Surface pro 3 running win 10 and installed WDsync, weirdly enough it does not sync all the files. Maybe 70% of the content is sync, some pictures, folders , all kind of different stuff are missing.

I have try to run this thing on compatibility Win 8 mode, but I am not sure I have managed to locate the right .exe on the surface. ( I have installed and re-installed the program)

I have other pc running on win 8 wich sync ok to my clould.

Any got the same problem ? Wht the fix ?

Hi, welcome to the community.

When you go into the setting of the WD Sync software on the surface pro, do you see the pending files? Have you tried to manually add the location? How much space you have left on the surface pro?


No i do not see any pending files on the WD sync - it sates all files are updated although i know its not correct
Space left on the surface - 90 Gb

Mannually add the location ? i have more than maybe 50 folders missing , maybe 1000 files ? How do i specify for that ? And how to specify manually ? all of my files are in the my cloud folder.