Surface 2

I have just purchased a surface 2 and I cannot seem to get WD My Cloud to work.  I’ve downloaded the app and it tells me that no supported WD device found.  I’m able to access it on my apple devices, so the WD My Cloud is working.  Is there something that I should be doing to set this up?


I would recommend scanning your Network with WD Discovery. The Microsoft Surface line of Tablet Computer Systems are different from other mobile devices.

If your Microsoft Surface 2 uses Windows 8 instead of Windows RT, you may download and install WD Discovery from the following link:

The Surface 2 is using windows RT 8.1

is there an app that will run on the Surface 2 with this opperating system?

Yes there is a app but does not work on Nokia lumia 2025 but does on MS Surface 2 on same network with same setup.  Support were useless that is WD support. Same error device not found even though it is.