Support for simulataneous storage of both Mac and Windows OS

I read that MyCloud can back up Windows OS or Mac OS, but can it back up from both Mac OS and Windows OS at the same time?
That is, I have an iMac that I want to use MyCloud for Time Machine, and I have Windows 10 backup that I want to use.
Can MyCloud be used for the multiple operating systems that I have?

That is exactly what I am using. My Gaming Laptop, Windows 10, file history directed to the mycloud. At the same time, my Mac, general purpose laptop, is also doing timemachine backup. Most of the time they are both on, in addition to safepoints backup. Never had a problem.

Yes. You can backup a Mac to the My Cloud using Time Machine. You can backup a Windows PC to the My Cloud using WD Smartware, or third party backup software.

If you haven’t done so already you should read through the My Cloud User Manual ( which explains how to backup Mac/Windows computers to the My Cloud.