Support for macOS Mojave (NTFS)


any timeframe when WD will provide new NTFS driver for macOS Mojave? Currently I can’t use my Wireless Pro because the Paragon Installer throws an error…



Same question. I just purchased a drive and can’t use it on my Mac because the paragon software that shipped with it refuses to install on Mojave. I got the trial updated version from Paragon, but it will expire in 10 days. Come on!

guys, do you know how we can format it to Mac OS Extended ?

@suzhi, @gr37

You can use updated version of WD Paragaon Driver 15.4.20 from below link.

I also have a similar issue. I have a WD My Passport full with my backup files and I can not access them from my brand new MacBook, the drive shows only in the disk utilities but as “not mounted” and it is completely disabled. I’m worried I’ll loose all my files :confused: How can I solve this problem, without loosing my files??