Super slow EX4 transfer speeds in linux

Hello, I have an EX4 with 2x 8 TB red drives. With my mac I get reasonable read write speads. I was seeing 50mbps during disc burn in.

Linux is a different story. Im trying to copy a large amount of data from an external drive to the NAS. The data is comprised of a lot of csv files which I know are going to write slower. Im only getting 1.5 or so mbps. It got up to 3.0 but then has since come down.

The external drive is formatted in EX4 and so is the NAS. Im not sure why the transfer is so ridiculously slow. Its going to take weeks to copy the data I need which is about 3 tb total.

Please help!

There are no official support articles related to the issue you are experiencing considering Linux is not officially supported by WD. Further amplified by your unit working as intended in an Apple Mac OS system then the performance bottleneck could be related to the Linux system in question.

Have you been able to confirm if you experience the same issue when the USB hard drive is formatted in a different file system or when accessing your NAS via a different networking protocol?