Suddenly unable to play any content over USB

I have the WD TV live, updated to the latest firmware, connected to my TV and to a WD 1 TB hard drive. I leave the unit on for days at a time, which has been fine. This morning when trying to play some content from the hard drive I get the spinning blue ball pattern when I select *any video* on the hard drive. The ball spins indefinitely, and the content never plays. I should say that the unit is seeing my hard drive fine–it recognizes that the drive is attached to USB 2, and I can add content to the drive over the network and browse the hard drive content from within the WD browser. A mystery here. Any suggestions?

Had the same problem this morning. went into settings and restored factory defaults. Then everything played again. Of course, I had to change settings to my preferences again.

Hmm, I went one step short of doing a reset – unplugging the unit, waiting five minutes, then replugging it – and it played back video fine when I started it up again. 

Thanks for the suggestion, that would have been my next step. 

This seems to happen when we try to play corrupted or unsupported media. For me, a playlist containing external URLs does it everytime. Since powering off the device only puts it in sleep mode, you have to unplug it (or reset it) in order to perform a true reboot. Presumably the player or a handler process crashes on some files, and then you can’t open any of them anymore. Let’s hope this gets fixed someday. In the mean time, unplug the device when this happens and try to identify the file that crashes the player, so as to not select it in the future.

I’m having a similar issue.  I can play .wma files thru the WD TV Live unit via the media server (my wireless laptop) but I can’t play any .wma files that are on my My Passport Essential USB drive.  The files are not protected, either.