Suddenly nothing is connected

Things have been okay to a degree with just one passport drive. It showed up where it should. It responded to my Password, and all was not bad. So, I bought a 4TB drive for secure back-up, and all the problems started. It’s probably me, but it really shouldn’t be so hard and confusing to set up a back-up process with 2 drives from the same company. But now I have a “WD Discovery”, a WD Security, a WD Drive Utilities on my Desktop, and F—K all works! Sometimes I’ve got my original drive showing but not the new back up drive, and now I’m getting from this WD Discovery a sign telling me that I have no Devices Connected!!! And although I can and have opened them with my password, they are not there to be seen!!! If I didn’t have so much valuable stuff on these drives I would just chuck them away!!!
Sorry for the rant, but I am soooo frustrated.
Help from any source would be most welcome.

Hello grayuk,

I have forwarded your concern to the support in your region. Some one will contact you shortly.