Sudden mounting problem Passport Essential SE + new MAC update

my Passport Essential SE (750gb) was working for 2 days after updating the firmware and software 20/06/10 on my macbook under OS X 10.6.4

The drive is locked. 

All of a sudden when trying to access the drive “unlock drive” reports that the drive is already “unlocked” with 0 bytes on it even though it’s filled with roughly 500gb of data. Launching “unlock drive” again causes the app to crash repeatedly.

Launching “Open WD SmartWare” still asks correctly for my password and opens the drive correctly.

Now I don’t want to have to launch Smartware every time i want to access my drive.

There’s something flakey going on here and i’ve lost the confidence of using the encryption.

Any suggestions?

ok…the culprit seemed to be a conflict somewhere with the “Turbo Installer” in the extras folder on the SmartWare CD.

De-installing it solved the problem (I had used it to access “unlock drive” from the menu bar).

Moving an alias of “DriveUnlock” into the dock is as convenient and probably less taxing on the mac anyways…

I passed this information along.