Sudden Computer Slowdown and Slow Transfer Speeds

Background info: I have MyCloud since 2015 and it used to work flawlessly. Fast data transfer speeds and I could use my computer normally. Then I moved to another city and I had no more gigabit switch, so I put it in a drawer and forgot about it for about 1 year. I now bought a new gigabit switch and put it back to work. Suddenly, not only the transfer speeds are terrible, it is slowing down my computer so badly that I can’t use it while transferring files!

I tried many things. I tested the switch and it is working properly. I updated all my drivers, WD MyCloud Firmware, etc. Switched cables, even tried in another router I borrowed. The slow transfer speed is bugging me, but what is making me really frustrated is the computer slowdown. I can’t watch a youtube video or even listen to music ou type a text. This is how slow it is. This does not happen when transferring files to my USB 3.0 external HDD.

I also noted that my computer is always showing a 100/100 speed, and not 1GPBS. For referente, my computer is a Lenovo Laptop, i5 4210U with 12GB and an SSD.

I searched online and in this forum for any thing similar, but could not find anything. Any help is appreciated!

Hello terrera,

I would suggest you to diagnose the My Cloud device and refer the link provided below for slow data transfer speed of the device.