This is my first time posting a message - so general suggestions are most welcome.

I recently purchased and setup a Live Plus system.  My intention was/is primarily to view Netflix. I already have a Nintendo setup and use it primarily to access Netflix and it works great (and in retrospect I wish that I had just added another similar equipment setup but was encouraged to try the WD Live Plus).

My problem has to do with displaying subtitles, as I am hearing impaired. My Nintendo setup works perfectly regarding subtitles for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired (SDHI) when I access Netflix offerings that  have the subtitle feature.

However, my WD Live Plus will not show subtitles on any kind of Netflix offering (which I have verified their existence on by  first  viewing the selection on my Nintendo) .

I tried to get help from WD support and someone suggested trying SAMBA - what that is is beyond by my level of comprehension.

Has anyone encountered this difficulty?   And if so  would you please illuminate my forthwith.

I have been skimming threw the user manual and have seen a brief description on how to display subtitles on page 47

It also states that if they are availible. But this I presume would be subtitles from a external drive. But streaming live from NetFlix?

Try to contact Next Flix to see if there is a way to change the format of there subtitles to be visble.

Net Flix phone:8667160414

isobel wrote:

This is my first time posting a message - so general suggestions are most welcome.

Can do. Use the search before posting which turns up this.

None of the current WD players support subtitles in Netflix. WD / Netflix need to update the software on the Live players and WD still have not committed to it happening. The thread Techflaws links to will explain in more detail but the short version is: take it back and get a refund. There are better Netflix players out there that will do what you need right now, not ‘maybe’ in the future.

Thanks so much for the feedback. For whats it worth - I checked the Netflix site and they have a subtitle statement listing those vendors that do support subtitles and of course WD is absent.  As usual hindsight is my strong suit.