Subtitles not recognized

With different file-formats and movies, I cannot choose the subtitle, but when I play it with VLCPlayer, I can choose from many different languages.

The Live only supports subtitles in some formats and containers.  For example, it will support IDX subs but not PGS subs.

You can convert to the correct types but you’ll need to become famliar with such tools as BDSup2Sub, tsMuxer, mkvmerge, etc.

It has nothing to do with BD, mkv or something like that. It happens with .VOB files.

How can I convert them for better subtitle support?

VOB files *should* have the correct subtitle formats.  I never use them so I’m a little unfamiliar with them – perhaps someone else who stores in VOB format will have better information for you.

How are you playing your vobs. You should have the DVD’s files in a folder named VIDEO_TS to work. All the files from the DVD must be in this folder.  A ripper normally creates this folder when writing to the hard disc. If they are normal DVD subtitles then they work perfectly when you press play on the appropriate VIDEO_TS folder. (Obviously each DVD needs its own folder with all the files in it)

I Always rename these folders, for example “VIDEO_TS” to “Fast and Furious”. So if I put the files in a sub-directory called VIDEO_TS, it should solve these problems?

I will try this immediately.

Unbelievable, it works!