Subtitles not playing in LG TV and no Video playing in Sony Blue ray


I have a WD My Cloud and when I try to play .mp4 and .avi files with my LG TV it doesn’t play the subtitles (.srt file), I cannot change the audio when playing .mkv with multiple audio, subtitles inside .mkv and I cannot play any video in my Sony Blue ray player, the audio and photo work ok.

It as the last SW version installed.

This way every time I want to see a movie I have to copy it to a USB device amd connect it directly to the TV or Blue ray player and the DNLA server is useless. :frowning:

Any solution?
Thank you.

I also have that problem since wd world edition.

The problem is from fimware LG TV.

SRT only works from HDD USB

WD live tv works with SRT

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I had a problem with my registration and although I’m using the same e-mail address I had to create a new Forum name :angry:

Thank you for the reply, I found that, after reading the Sony user manual, that my Sony Blue ray doesn’t support a lot of formats via DLNA, :confounded:

I’m really thinking of buying a real media player. The WD TV Live seems good on paper. How does it really work with the My Cloud DLNA? Any issues? Does it play every thing and something else as advertised?

LuisXGome wrote:


I’m really thinking of buying a real media player. The WD TV Live seems good on paper. How does it really work with the My Cloud DLNA? Any issues? Does it play every thing and something else as advertised?

Wow.  Talk about loaded questions.   :slight_smile:

The WD TV is my “Go To” player in this household – I’ve got several of them.  

It works OK with the My Cloud DLNA, but if you’re using a full-on NAS, I’d skip DLNA altogether and just use Network Shares.   Network Shares removes DLNA (and all the sundry limitations and whatnot) from the equation.     If the WD can play it, it will play fine via Network Shares. 

 Does it play every thing and something else as advertised?

Of course not.  It plays EXACTLY what is advertised (and perhaps more) – but if your videos are not EXACTLY up to spec, it can have problems.

But don’t take my word for it.

For your key format careabouts, post specific questions and hopefully users will chime in with experience first hand.

100% of my videos and music files are WD capable, because I encoded 100% of them myself.  

I have a “test suite” of videos I’ve pulled from the internet (public domain stuff) that all work pretty well, but sure there’s stuff out there that will NOT work.

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Thank you for the complete and fast answers.

Just one more question, I’ve assumed that I cloud only access the files in the My Cloud with the TV Live, with DLNA. What you are saying is that I also can access them as I can access with my PC (My Cloud only as NAS)?


Just one more! :smileyvery-happy:

Can it handle the 3 Tera of My Cloud? I’ve seen a review that say that it had problems handling a 4 Tera disk.

Space limits don’t apply at all with network storage. That’s another advantage.

OK, thank you!


Hi guys, here is what I discovered and think is the solution, for WD My Cloud and most DLNA compliant devices.

First at all you need to know that the problem can be in:

  • The device that storage the files, video and srt.

  • The DLNA Server Software that lets you stream the movie from the device source to the player.

  • The player device itself.

Even that DLNA is a standard, seems like some devices (for uknown reasons, at least by me) doesn’t process the .srt files in the same way. In my specific case I have:

  • “Dumb” :manlol: LCD Samsung TV.

  • Playstation 3.

  • LG SP820 Smart TV Upgrader (a Roku box like).

These three guys are all DLNA compliant, but like I told you before, seems like they don’t do the .srt processing in the same way. It all depends on the format you use for naming the .srt file and the video file (mkv, avi, mp4). We just need make sure that either source file system (WD, PC, Mobile), DLNA Server Software and the destination player (TV, PS3, LG Box) are compatible with the same naming format. And I’m not refering to “you should type the same name on both video and .srt files”, that is very well known by us. I’m refering to this:

For instance:

When we “Backup” our “Totally Original and Legal Movies” from the internet :laughing: is often that the format file name for the movie comes like this: Captain.America.2014.720p.mp4 and of course the subs would be

If I’m going to play a file like that in my LG SP820, first I have to rename both files in this way:  CaptainAmerica2014720p.mp4 , I mean, removing dots (of course not for file extension) or use blanks instead. The problem in that case are the  dots in the names, and Voila…

But there’s more…

  • The solutions above only works for my LG SP820, played from my PC with Nero Media Home DLNA Server.

  • The Samsung TV Works OK in any format, dots, blanks, whatever, played from my PC using Samsung All-Share DLNA Server software, the same for PS3.

The big problem was my 4tb WD My Coud I just bought. It didn’t work with any device. I started doing the same thing I did to discover the solution above and that is: TESTING. Then I discovered that the format to make sure WD stored movie files can be played in all devices (at least what I have) is next:


For some reason, thats the format that WD My Cloud likes. The first characters in the files (vid and srt) files must be numbers, and no blanks, no dots.

Hope it works for you. For me is the solutions and now I can say that I’m ver happy with my WB Disk.

Best Regards.

PD: If someone in WD Company is reading this, and wants to hire me for work in USA with you guys (I’m a software tester), I would be very happy ha ha ha, I’m serious…

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Thank you for your input. Unfortunately i have the same problem and the solution mentioned doesn t work for me. The movie is played through my panasonic blue ray player via DLNA but unfortunately i can not see the subtitles. 

Removing the dots worked for me! Thank you so much! I was ready to void the warranty and install ReadyMedia for external subtitle support.