Subtitles again ... a different story

He guys  , i have my WD live PLUS system hooked on my LCD for a few months now ,  all working fine exept one thing : 

the Subtitles ! 

this is my setup :  

WD live plus with HDMI 1.3 cable to my 40 Inch SONY LCD . 

optical out to my DTS surround amp 

USB 320 GB drive 

Network to Router 

1 GB Drive in the network . 

my problem :  

i can play all kinds of video on my LCD with the WD live plus unit , using the USB drive i can use it perfect , when the movies have subtitles ore different audio stream i can choose from them in the option field … so far so good . 

now , 

if i play the same movie (same file ) on the network hard drive the following problem starts :  

i can play the film in the map :  network shares , i have a perfect file with subtitles etc etc , but the film hangs here and there ore stutters .  no good ! 

so i play the film in the Media servers option … now i have perfect video and audio but i can not choose any different audio stream ore any subtitles at all … 



What you have to ask is does the media sever ‘serve’ subtitles?

Media servers usually don’t support external subtitles because it isn’t (or wasn’t) part of the DLNA spec.

Your best bet is to use a container like MKV.  E.g. if you have film.AVI and film.SRT, use MKVmerge GUI to mux those files into a single MKV.  

A single MKV with internal subs will work fine from both Network Shares and Media Servers.