Subtitle setting in video settings not working

When I start watching movies on my WD HD Live the subtitles always come on. I have set the option in the video setting menu indicating that subtitles should be OFF by default but they still display on the movie. If I exit the movie, go into the video settings and toggle the subtitles option to ON and then back to OFF the subtitles no longer appear when I return to the movie.

I’m using the latest firmware although the problem did exist with the previous firmware as well.

I’m reading files from a WIN7 network share.

Has anybody else experienced this problem?

Both with my original WDTV HD, and my WDTV Live, I found that if the file had the subs flagged as “default=yes”, then it would play the subs, regardless of the “Default” setting of the player.

I just made sure that all my files have the subs set to “default=no” and then they don’t display until I tell the WDTVs to show them.

And, obviously since the WDTV HD has no networking, I was getting this (mis-)behaviour from local storage as well.

Weird, cause now we have two contradicting posts: for one guy subs just won’t turn off, for another guy it’s the other way round. So far it  works for me as follows:

Default is on: subs are displayed (always the first stream, no matter what flag is set in the file)

Default is off: subs are not displayed (no matter what flag is set in the file)

Once I tell the system I don’t want subtitles subsequent videos play as expected. It only seems to be a problem when first starting the unit up.

Oh well, not too big of a deal. I’m just surprised nobody else has the same issue. Perhaps it has something to do with the video file?

Mmh, I’d rather doubt it. Have you verified this behaviour with other files/subs?

Yes, the same behaviour occurs with other files with subtitles.

Upon power up once I watch one video, and I can leave subtitles displayed, and then switch to another video that has subtitles, the second video adheres to the system default and doesn’t show the subtitles. All subsequent videos adhere to the default setting as well (as long as I keep the unit powered on).

There must be something with the unit’s power off/on that causes the problem.