Subtitle question?

Hi All

          I’ve got an mp4 file that has a separate subtitle track, how can I set to use the subtitles, they are an srt file, I tried putting them into the same folder, then transferred them to the drive (WD Play 1TB) , but when I play the film and press the option button it says there are no subtitles.

I have also tried using a program called Xvid4PSP and soft coding them to the MP4 file but that doesn’t work either, although when I play both files on the PC using vlc the subs work fine!

Am I doing anything wrong or will it just not play subs unless they are hardcoded on??

Thanks Pete

P.S i forgot to say that if i convert the film to a dvd structure iso file inc the subtitles then i transfer that over and play the subtitles show up no problem, but this is a lot of work to do, just hoping there is a much easier option?

Are you sure the SRT file has the exact same name as the MP4 file minus the extension?

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Thanks i didnt even realise that he had to be exactly the same, now works fine.

Cheers  Pete

There you go :slight_smile: