Subtitle Problem

Hello, hope there is an answer.

I have Gen 1 HD TV, I have some movies ripped from DVD but the subs were taken from the internet. Some movies play the subs in SRT format very good, in other movies the option for subtitle is “no subtitles”, I checked the subs in the PC and they work great on the PC but not on the WD.

Any idea how can I check or edit the subs in order to work?

Appreciate any help and any idea.

before you do anything you must make sure that the srt files are the exact same name as the corresponding video file example1.mkv and and you must make sure that both files are in the same folder and not have the srt file in a sub folder…

if you did that and still doesnt work then it all depends on the file type, for example if they were mkv its really easy to merge the srt files with an mkv file… by usesing a program called mkv merge…  i assume there are other ones out there for avi but then it would be hard coded in I dont know if avi can have soft subs…

I havent had any problems with srt files seperate from the video file so i dont see why you would need to merge them, but like i said you could try it, if nothing else works…

hope that helps

Thank you very much for your fast answer. I have a 90% of my subs working now. Appreciate it.

The assertion 'you must make sure that the srt files are the exact same name as the corresponding video file’ is true, you can find it in the manual too.

But this limitation is very annoying for me: I have lots of video files, each of them having separate subtitle files (srt) containing subtitles of different languages (e.g. moviexy-(de).srt with german subtitles, moviexy-(en).srt with english subtitles etc.). Therefor it’s not possible, to select different subtitles languages at a time.

This worked for me: first I have a folder with the “movies” name, in it I have subfolders with the movie name, inside that folder, with a specific movie, I have " and so on … so it is possible to change subtitles language within the movie.


I have Subtitle problem with subtitles in SUB format not showing up on WDTV LIVE, even though they have SAME name as movie and INSIDE the same folder as the movie rip (in AVI format).

What is wrong? SRT formats play just fine, but not SUB format.

I have the same problem with .sub subtitles. None of them are showing for any video. srt subtitles work fine… please help anyone found a solution for this? sub should be supported so I do not understand what is the problem.:cry: