Subtitle problem with 1.04.10_V


I have strange problem with subtitles. In settings I set default subtitle ON and subtitle size 34. I am wathing few movies. Turn off WDTV. After 3 hours turn back on and **bleep** no subtitles. Going to settings and see what, subs are default OFF. But subtitle size and borders are corectly set. Only thing is that subs are OFF by default. Ok, I set it ON again. Do a quick check - turn WDTV OFF and back ON - OK subs are ON by default. After 3 hours I am going to watch another movie and again it is OFF. I hate this. Any one can confirm this? Cheers Vladimir

ok, i found similar posts in this forum, it seems this problem exist since version 1.01.24 and still was not solved … I will return WDTV to seller, It is use less