Subtitle duration

I have now converted 100+ DVDs to MKV with handbrake, with almost no problems. One single DVD-set (with two movies) gives a minor problem: All subs have a duration of 0, making them flash very shortly during playback.

It is not a ripping problem (the ripped DVD’s play fine). Examing the subs reveals that the end times are ok, but duration is bad (0).

I have tried both extracting the subs with Handbrake -> mkvextract  and VSrip, same result.

Is there a utility, that can reset the durations based on the end times? (I know I can set a minimum time, but thats not a good solution) ?


Edit: Subrip replaced with VSrip, which is the tool I used

Have you posted this problem on the Handbrake forum?

WIth subs extracted by Handbrake there should be no issues at all (I haven’t found any, and I do it all the time).  I’m talking DVDs here, not blu-rays.

It seems to not be a HandBrake issue, as it is present too when extracting the subs directly from the DVD image with VSrip – the only way they play correctly is when playing directly from the image. Supposedly the duration is not used when playing this way (in a player), but “wins” when trying to copy the movie (some kind of minor copy protection I guess …). The start and endtime for the subs are fine.


Yes, but Handbrake may have a way of solving it.  Worth asking there because even if not there are a lot of folks more expert at conversion than here.

Cocovanna wrote:

Is there a utility, that can reset the durations based on the end times?

You can try SubResync from the Vobsub package but given this unusual error I’m not sure it’s gonna help.

I found another utility yesterday when I had problems with “None but the Brave” (which has an actual error during the subtitles that must be corrected).

This does allow you to mass edit sub titles and ought to do what you want (it does just about anything you could want with subs on a regular DVD).  It’s worth a try.

Tnx, I’ll have a look at it.