Stupid question: can i backup my wdbooklive on my sister's wdbooklive, who lives in another city?

I know, that safe points can be set in (!) the same network. But I would like to separate the backup physically by placing it at my sister’s home. I have 2 identical WD book live 2 GB NAS.
Would be very thankful for a feedback!

Hi Ratpack,

I wouldn’t say this is a stupid question, but rather a very useful feature that is not currently supported by My Book Live. I was after the exact same thing as you. It does require that you know Linux rather well though: the only way to set this thing up is via command line and a lot of manual configuration.

That said, there’s a step-by-step instruction over at describing how to do this with rsync. I run that solution more or less, but created a backup script that saves 90 days of backups. With the rsync solution described in the link, if you delete a file on your MBL it will also be deleted on the other end. This might not be desirable if you realize that you deleted something a month ago that you need. If you’re able to tweak your MBL along with the instruction, let me know and I can share my backup script. 

An off-site MBL-to-MBL backup solution would be a great feature addition for WDC. I know Synology has got it, but their devices have a clumsier form factor than MBL/My Cloud. 

I agree, it is very doable, however, not in a simple way. These devices run Debian Lenny, so just about any Linux solution is possible, and in some many different ways. My $.02 if you go for it. Learn about rsync first, if you do decide to go for it then it a nutshell the following woud be needed:

  • Enable SSH. Start with local SSH first

  • Set your users for SSH, try local first.

  • Remote SSH. Set router for: DDNS and forward port

  • Create your script

Good luck!

Puhhh … this sounds more complicated than I thought … :confounded:

I actually thought; i could establish this logical backup in a more convenient way.

Puhh … will give it a try anyhow …