Stuck in WD menu with only audio. No way out!

So i thought i’d add my troubles with the WDTV Live. Although i find the little device to be extraordinarily great, it does come with some annoyances as you all have probably read through everyone’s posts on here.

So i’m watching a movie. I hit pause. All of a sudden i’m in the WD menu (blue screen with all the options) and at the same time, i can still here my movie audio playing in the background. There is no way to get back to the movie video. I can navigate all the menu options, i can change settings, etc. So i’ll try and choose another movie to see if maybe it will jump start another movie. Nope. I actually end up back to the movie video with audio, but now i have the spinning buffering symbol over my movie.

All that’s left for me to do is to grab the handy dandy tool i have next to my WDTV Live. A paperclip. And press the reset button. Go back and reconfigure my WDTV Live. Fast forward to the last 10 minutes of the movie i missed. and get back to my movie time.

I’d thought i’d share. Thanks for listening. 

Although i was very happy with my WDTV Live. I’m getting rather disappointed with the unit. And it’s unfortunate it carries such a great name as Western Digital. I thought WD would have taken more care to introduce a product that was not so prone to errors as this one.

Have you done the firmware updates for the WD TV Live?