Stretch Video to fit the screen

Is there any way to stretch the video to fit the whole screen? I have movies whose aspect ratio is much smaller than the 16:9 widescreen so when I watch these movies there is black bar on top and bottom of the screen which I don’t like. The Pan and Zoom option is not a viable option because even it can fit to screen the movies, it crops a large part of the video.

Usually the TVs have better zoom controls to play with. Have you tinkered with that?  But I find when a video is stretched like you suggest, the people in the movie look tall and skinny, or  short and chubby (depending on which way you stretch it), and round things (clocks, wheels) get kinda oval. I find that more irritating than the letterboxing.

yes.  like the previous poster, it’s done thru the TV.

you have to remember, anytime you change the aspect away from they original TV settings, i’m guessing 16:9 in your case, you are going to loose out on some picture viewing area or picture quality, by zooming or forcing it to fit your tv aspect ratio.

i always leave my videos when watching to 16:9, because that is what my tv is.   my TV is always set to 16:9 and it leaves any 4:3 videos as is, so i have bars on the sides for those.  so even though my TV and the HUB are set to 16:9, if i put in a 4:3 video, it has bars on the side, but that is how it is supposed to be.

if i’m watching an animated video with the kids that is filmed in 4:3, i usually use my TV remote to FIT WIDE, then it stretches it widthwise.

a lot of movies are NOT filmed in 16:9, but some are 2:35:1 and some a different format, so they will always have bars on the top/bottom of your 16:9 TV, because they are filmed in a different aspect ratio