Streaming w/o "Media Serving"?

I am a bit confused about streaming…

I put a video in a share which had “Media Serving” set to OFF.  However, I was able to play this video fine using the " WD My Cloud" App on an Android Tablet. Apparently, Andriod tablets can stream video media fine w/o the DNLA server?

When do I need to enable “Media Serving” (DNLA server) for streaming?

When do I need to enable “Media Serving” ( DNLA server ) for streaming?

When you’re accessing the media with a DLNA Client

e.g. Your TV.  Your streaming HiFi.  Your DLNA/UPnP media client on your phone or tablet.

The MyCloud App is a client to a File Server (the MyCloud).  Just like Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.  Except that it allows remote network access.  So, if you can use a file browser to get to a file and play it, then you should be able to do the same with the MyCloud App (provided the device you’re using it on has a CODEC to support the media file type).

Thank you for your response.

So with a DLNA/UPnP client no CODECs are needed?

I would like to test this on the Android, so that if I turn OFF Media Serving it will not work. Do you have a pure DLNA/UPnP client to recommend?

For example, 

VLC for Android ( or

VLC Direct ( .%C2%A0)

Are both DLNA/UPnP clients (not sure about the difference - I know that VLC for desktop has builtin CODECs)?

Ah, your DLNA client still needs to understand file formats, so will need CODECs somewhere…

DLNA is essentially a way of exchanging files around a network.  How those files are exploited is up to the Digital Media Renderer; that’s the thing that converts the streamed media into audio, still or video images. So needs CODECs…

Often, the CODECs are provided by the OS. I use a cheap (£35) android media box (I’m typing this reply on it, via the TV). It listed a whole raft of media formats it supported. I’m also considering some £19 headless audio DMR devices (no UI).

There are loads of DLNA/UPnP apps.  They’re usually free to try.  I don’t play much video, but I’ve tried lots of audio apps.  In the end, I settled on BubbleUPnP.  I even paid the princely sum of £3.18 for a licence I currently use on four android devices…  I also tried UPnPlay, UPnPMonkey, XBMC and many others.

DLNA vs UPnP hmmmm… I certainly don’t understand how these are related…  Can’t install VLC on my Android box; says insufficient memory, but there’s plenty free, so probably some other incompatibility…