Streaming videos from 2 different hd's

I have two HD’s on my pc C and E. When I see the videos folder via WDTV it doesnt mention the two drives does it merge them together?

that depends on how your accessing them

media server

network shares

media library

Over a home network. And if I have videos on the computer desktop should it automatically find them?

yes, you already said it’s over the network

but how do you access it on the wd, which of the 3 options are you selecting

media server

network share

media library

etwork share - I didn’t think the other two applied.

yes, media library, network shares, media servers

can all access information over a home network

since you’re using network shares this function does not aggregate the content of your drives

if you’re able to access 1 but not the other, most likely you’ve only shared out 1 drive

Yep - since the last post I spotted I hadnt shaed one of the drive folders I wanted to see. Still havent been able to get my photos folder to appear on the WD TV and that is shared.

make sure you try to find that folder under photos menu

if you are viewing video’s

WD will only show you folders/shares that actually contain at least 1 video