Streaming video problems

Greetings ! Thanks in advanced for reading my post and any help offered.  I have attempted to connect my W.D TV live player and W.D my book live network for day’s now. I keep throwing money at it but to no avail. My wi fi connection for streaming is somewhat weak so I patched some netgear powerline a/v adaptors between my router and the media player. My situation is this.  Video will play on my TV from the W.D. TV live for a short time. 10 min or so, then stutter and bog to the point of freezing. I noticed during the stuttering, my connection speed mysteriously dropped from the functional speed of 85 + mps to around 50 mps. No other devices are tasking my router or network at this time.  May be my router is not adequate for the task ? It’s a linksys WRT54GL.  Both my Wd live book and media players have the latest software.   I have high hopes for this product, but find myself at wits end.

What video files are you using? There is a known issue with some MKV and MT2S and this device.