Streaming video over cellular network

I’ve done some digging on these boards and others and i know that you cannot stream video that is not supported by the native player. BUT, i’ve read some posts that it can be achieved.

Here are my goals:

  1. Play/stream non-supported (avi, mkv, divx, etc) video stored on my MBL 3TB to my iPhone over 3G/4G cell network.

  2. Play/stream video non-supported video stored on my MBL 3TB to my iPad from a network outside of my home LAN. Say from a coffee shop that has its own Wifi network.

Is this possible? I’ve seen a lot of conflicting answers so i’d figure I’d ask my specific question and see if someone can answer it. I apoligize if this has been asked a million times but all the answers i’ve found while digging did not solve my problem.

I’ve got XBMC installed on my iphone/ipad, it looks very nice for a HTPC setup, but has anyone set up XBMC successfully with their MBL to stream outside of their LAN? I can access and play most movie formats thru XBMC over my LAN, but not over the 4G cellular network. I’m also looking at the iOS app “Airplayer”. Does anyone know if these would work to stream non-supported video? Anyone have recommendations for an app? I heard buzz player can work but the reviews are bad.

Are there any settings I need to change to get this to work? I currently have my IP address set to DHCP. I’ve read that static can help, but i’m not familiar at all with networking. 

Many thanks to any responses! My head is spinning from all the searching.

Check the link below, and try downloading the app that Tony recommends and then try again.