Streaming Video from Android Device


I have just bought the WD TV Live and wanted to stream movies from my Android Device but am unsuccessful. 

I use the imedia share app which works perfectly with my LG TV.  I have a projector connected to the WD time and when I try to stream the movie I get an error message. 

Is there any other way or app for sorting this. 

Please help. 



Try twonkybeam or skifta


Many thanks. Tried it. Can successfully play music and view the pics but when I try to play a movie, it goes into motion but throws a message saying This is sharing windows content. I can see the title of the movie at the bottom but doesn’t play. Find it frustrating… 

Please could you advise. 

Regards Nilesh 

From your comment we can’t tell which app you tried – Twonky Beam or Skifka. 

Anyway, I use Twonky Beam on an iPad and a Kindle, so I know both platforms work great with the WDTV.  If you can’t get it work, check all the settings in the app and adjust if necessary.

I am using both Twonky Beam (Thanks to the excellent advice of Mike27Oct above)  and IMedia Share on Android (Nexus 7), both free and both work very well. I am a big fan of the new interface on Twonky Beam (now called just “Beam”)

Two issues I have come across with Twonky Bean on my setup. Neither that cause any real problems.

  1. Sometimes I get an error saying that the device I want to stream to is in use, when it is not. I just click on “OK” and hit “Beam It” and it still works.

  2. On Some files I get the message that it cannot beam that specific file, As above, I just hit “OK”, choose the device I want to beam to and hit “Beam it” and it works fine. Not sure why these issues occur, but neither has actually interfered with me streaming the media.

Pushing from an Android device to your WD device is a pretty cool feature. My favorite part is that I can bring music, movies and home vids with me on my Pad to other peoples places that have a WD box (or a Roku) and steam my media to their TV. Great option to have.


I have an Asus fonepad. 

Tried everything thing but couldn’t get it working for videos. 

Finally downloaded. Bubble Upnp and it works to perfection. Really brilliant.