Streaming video from a local URL?

Hi guys,

I’m trying to achieve the following with my WD TV Live, but was so far unsuccessful. Maybe anyone has an idea about this…

I have a STB (“Dreambox”) which is cabaple of streaming all the TV stations via the local network. On a PC, I open the webinterface of the STB, where I have a list of all the stations. Each station has a little icon that you can click on. That icon is simply an .m3u file, which contains the following:


The “1:0:19:EF10:421:1:C00000:0:0:0:” part is the ID of the TV station and is of course different for every station.

On a PC, I can open these .m3u files with WMP, VLC, MPC or whatever -> works like a charm. Even HDTV stations are no problem as long as the network connection is good enough (LAN -> no problems at all, WLAN -> depends on coverage).

Now I know that the WD TV has no webbrowser, but my idea was to simply safe one .m3u file for each TV station in some folder that I can access from the WD TV, and I was hoping that it would able to open these files, recognize the stream url and begin streaming. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. I already found out here in the forum that .m3u files cannot contain URLs, so it obviously won’t work this way.

The 2nd thing I tried was to open this stream in Windows Media Player and add it as a playlist item to the WMP media library. This does work, however, the WD TV, when browsing a media server, only recognizes actual media files, but no playlist items.

So I’m stuck here. Does anyone have an idea how to playback a video stream using a local URL like the one above?

Thanks in advance!

It can be done with the custom firmware but not the retail. You need access to the upnp server on the box and that isn’t possible without telnet access.

The forum is down right now but when it is back up should be soon, look in the custom firmware forum and search for dreambox. People have already done what you want.