Streaming to old CRTs and the Wii

I have searched through the threads and have not found an answer to this question.  I was wondering of a solution to stream my video content from my Hub to other old televisions.  Since I have satellite tv I really don’t need to purchase new televisions.  My question is, is there something that can pull down and connect to the Hub via wifi in order to watch my movies elsewhere in the house?

Also, has anyone found a way or is there a way to stream video to the Wii?


You can connect an AV transmitter to the hub composite video output and a receiver to your TV.

something like this from amazon

This seems like a good solution but it also seems to be for only one television at a time.  I suppose there is no wifi set top box solution that can take advantage of the streaming hub capability.

Hi I have a Wii( softmoded) and i have a homebrew app called “Wiimc” is a media player that supports lots of formats … 

avi.mkv.vob ect…

i am able to stream the content from my hub and the 2 usb drives that are connect it …threw the Wiimc player it works great… the only problem is that i cant stream HD resolutions  720/1080p ( Wii is not powerful enough to do this)

Well obviously you could buy a number of WDTV Live units (or other media players) and connect to the hub disc via a WiFi network.

Ok thanks, well that’s not an affordable option at the moment. 

Well here is a nice invention idea for anyone who knows how to work with these technologies.  We need something rigged that can work via wifi (n) with component, composite and HDMI outputs that can handle at least 720p resolution (IMHO) to stream video out of the hub to non-wifi sets, especially old CRTs which I am sure there are out there.  I still have three in use.  Oh that does not require software just plug and play to the CRT.


You already have that with the WDTV Live. Nothing that does that is going to be really cheap.

I used a Channel Plus Digital Video Modulator with 4 inputs.  Easy to setup if you have coaxial already run.  No HD though but every tuner in the house will be able to receive video.  There is also an RF battery you put in the remote which will let you use WD remote around the house.