Streaming to my TV from my PC using the Hub

I am wondering if anyone knows if what I am watching on my PC via the web can also be steamed to my TV LIVE via the Hub?

If by you mean any videos on any web site then no, the hub (and most devices like it) is limited to the services that are loaded into the unit (you-tube, netflix etc.And the waht you have loaded into your network computer(s) HDD or the HUB’s HDD. If you want full internet services and streaming you would need a HTPC (Home theater PC) basicly a full computer for your living room.


Yes… If you have a movie on your PC, you can watch it live on your TV by having your PC stream it to the HUB (if you have enabled streaming on the PC).

When the Hub is idle (not in use) simply Right-Click on the movie file on the PC. If streaming is enabled, you will see both “Play” (Play on PC) and “Play To” in the option list. The Hub should then show as a “Play To” device in the list if your PC detected it on the network, and you can play to (through) the Hub directly to your TV, as if you are watching a movie on the Hub itself.

If the Hub does not consider itself “Idle”, the hub device will show as “In Use” on the PC in the menu, and cannot be selected.