Streaming to iPad and other devices

So I’ve found a few threads about this subject but they are all at least 3 years old and don’t really answer my question.  I’ve been streaming from my PC using ServeToMe on the PC and StreamToMe on the iPad.

So is there an easy way to stream content from the MyCloud to my iPad?

You mentioned My Cloud, so first I want to make sure you posted in the right forum. Do you have the My Cloud or the My Cloud EX2? This is the My Cloud EX2 sub-forum. Questions for My Cloud need to be directed to My Cloud sub-forum…where the forums mods can move this thread to once you clarify what device you have.

Yes, I do have the EX2.

First, make sure you enable DLNA media streaming from the dashboard settings (under Media). I have not tried streaming to my iPad in a while…I did use VLC for iOS a while ago (free software - )  and was able to watch movies on my iPad smoothly for some movies that had lower bitrate. Other videos that had higher bitrates stuttered a lot making them unwatchable. So to be able to enjoy a smooth playback over wi-fi you will need to have movies that have been compressed a bit using a tool like handbrake (or were already compressed when you got them, as it is all reliant on network bandwidth. Also, a quick Google search led me to this link - I have had no personal experience with any of the apps on this page so YMMV ->

One very important thing - DLNA works only within the network that the EX2 is in. It won’t work from outside the network where the EX2 is kept. But VLC does support streaming via ftp - so if you do want to watch a movie from outside the network, you ca try that. But again YMMV as it is reliant on the network quality of both the connections - the one at the iPad end and the one at the NAS server end (not the gigabit LAN speed - but the WAN connection quality esp. the upload speed is important).

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Hmmm…well first off thanks for the information.  I’m not too keen on your first solution.  What I love about ServeToMe and StreamToMe is that I can stream any video file no matter the file size to my iPad and it works beautifully.  Also the StreamToMe app has a very nice interface and it allows me to shuffle my videos, so I can sit it on my desk and just have it play continually while I work.

The link to the streaming apps seems more promising.  I’ll have to try them out when I get home.  Unfortunately If I can’t find a decent replacement for my current setup I might have to return the EX2 and explore another option.  :(

Again, thanks for the info it is worth a star.  :)

I have been using infuse 2 and now infuse 3 is out. It works very well

“Infuse” works the best.

I have also used “Oplayer” but they do not support AC3 any more.

Infuse looks cool.  Doesn’t seem to do things like shuffle play from a list.  You just select the file and play once.  Maybe those options become available in the pro version?