Streaming slow performance


I just got the WD TV Live and it has a hardtime to stream video through my LAN network. My configuration:

PC Windows XP <-- cat5 --> Router w/ DHCP enable <-- cat5 --> WD TV Live <-- hdmi --> TV.

WD TV Live played the video on my PC with a very very slow performance. I added a hub and monitored with Wireshark and I did not see any retransmission of the frames.

Is this a known problem with the WD TV Live? Is there any issue with a 10-mbps Ethernet connection from the WD TV Live? 

I have no problem to view videos from an directly HD via usb.


Is your router or PC stuck at 10Mbs due to old hardware?

I would not stream with less then 100Mbs - especially HD.

I looked in the specification of the WD Live TV and it said ethernet port. So I assume that it is 10mbps. So if it is an ethernet port then I will have performance issue over the network. Any thoughs?

You will for anything that requires bandwidth greater than, say, 8 Megabits per second.

Most SD content will be below that most of the time.    HD will often be well above that.

Ethernet is a general term.   Anything from 10 megabits per second to 10,000 megabit per second can be called “Ethernet…”