Streaming problems

I have an old Omnifi(UPnP) which uses WEP to receive music streamed wirelessly from my windows 7 desktop via a jrivers media centre. The problem is with the WEP connection I seem to get a lot of interference and the music keeps breaking off in the middle. Would this product (the WD TV live Streaming Media Player) get over this problem?

Yes, you should be able to use it without problems, as long as you have a strong wireless signal. 

Thanks for the help. I don’t know what a kudos star is to show my appreciation, have clicked on eveerything to no avail so thought I’d better post my thanks.

Under each Avatar there’s a star with a number. You can click on it to give someone Kudos as a thanks for helping you out though it’s in no way mandatory. BTW, I wouldn’t use any wireless hardware that does only WEP, it’s been cracked long ago and provides no security.