Streaming Problem


I have recently purchased a MyBookLive and transfered a large amount of Music and Videos.

In order to access the drive from other devices I have downloaded the app WD2go for Ios. But as I expected it would not play most of the files (thanks Apple) so I downloaded the Goodplayer App. 

I managed to connect through this app via DLNA Client Access. This set-up works great when I am on my home network. The TV is also connected through DLNA to the MyBookLive.

However when I am on another Wifi or on 3g, I can not connect. After searching I red that I should do it though FTP. I have tried to connect via FTP but I get a “Stream Open Error” message. 

. I am entering the I.P address correctly

. I activated the Port Forwarding

.The Remote Access is enabled

I must do something wrong…

Is it manadatory to put a Username and Password when you connect through Goodplayer? Are they the ones of the Router?

Your help is much appreciated!



Hello, Check if the link below helps.