Streaming problem with media library


First of all, sorry for my bad english. I have a problem streaming videos (most bigger ones) in the media library. I have connected my PC and the WD TV Live HD Media Player with a router (FritzBox 7390). Tried WLAN and LAN-Cable. Same Problems…

When I play a video over the Media Library (with Covers, Folders etc) some Videos stuck or stop completely after few seconds. But when I start Tversity as Media Server on PC and choose Media Server as source in the WD TV Live Media Player,  the video plays without any problems.

Is this a problem with encoding the Video?! My idea is, that TVersity could encode the videos better than the WD player could!?

Normally it would be no problem to choose the Tversity Media Server as source. But then there are no folders and I have to look through all videos.

I hope you understand my problems.

Your English is excellent. :slight_smile:

If TVeresity is NOT transcoding the videos, then that means that the videos are encoded OK, and that the issue might be with the network.

What firmware version are you using, and what format is your video file?

Thx for your fast reply.

Firmware is 1.09.10 and the video was an mkv-File with about 7.5 GB

Can you try playing it via a USB disk drive directly attached to the WDTV?

What did you encode your mkv’s with?   If you used Handbrake (latest version) then see this here:

From what’s happening, that is what it sounds like.