Streaming Netflix isn't working

I’m a Canadian Netflix customer and I’ve just done the latest couple of updates to my WD Live Pro. It now lets me sign into and see my account information (Recently watched movies, Suggestions, etc) but when I try to play a movie I get this error:

“This device cannot instantly stream from Netflix in your area. Visit to see a full list of devices that instantly stream from Netflix.”

(I’ll also note here that the URL in that error message just redirects to a non-helpful page on the netflix site)

I then found this page and did the power cycle on both the WD box and my router:

However, it’s still not working and I’m still getting the same error message.

What does that mean?

Netflix Canada still needs to update their servers to add WD TV to the list of suported devices.

Hey!! It works now!  :smileyvery-happy: