Streaming music from My Cloud to Denon AVR-3312CI lags once

I’m streaming music from My Cloud to my Denon AVR-3312CI over ethernet.  Every time I first start streaming music on the Denon it will pause a few seconds into the first song, then it doesn’t happen again and plays fine for the remainder of my listening “session”.  I haven’t tried streaming to any other device yet; ultimately I want it to end up going through my Denon when at home.  This could be Twonky, My Cloud, my network or the Denon receiver.  I haven’t checked anywhere else yet but thought I would post here first.  Anyone else noticed this with your setup?

It’s possible this is related to buffering/caching the stream until enough data is queued for continuous playback.


Trancer wrote:

It’s possible this is related to buffering/caching the stream until enough data is queued for continuous playback.



Yes, that is my assumption as well.  Question is which piece of software is causing the pause or lag?

By the sounds of it, you demon system. The amount of data for music is quite small/minimal compared to video streams, even over WiFi.

Let’s say your music will be around 50kilobytes per second for a 15 megabyte file for 5 minutes. Your Mycloud will be significantly faster than this. The only other thing is latency between finding and delivering the data… But even this should be quick on the cloud. Have you tried a differing source and see if your demon exhibit s the same fault? Something like a PC or router with dlna media server.

Oops ment denon not demon, stupid phone auto correct.

Not yet but I will to try and identify the source of the lag.  I have a mac, roku, directtv and apple tv.  I’ve been streaming directly to the Denon because that’s where I want it my music to end up ultimately.  Not sure if there would be any change in sound quality going indirectly through another streaming device … or not.

No sound difference as the music data is digital, its only decoded at your denon receiver.

Streaming really refers to data transfer (be it audio,video,whatever) and not decoding in anyway. If data was decoded in the stream then significant bandwidth in your lan would be required.

Example of uncompressed data stream would be HDMI and CD spdif. Streaming uncompressed could be lagging on lan, especially on video and on a conjested lan.

Ok, so Roku 3 and the latest Roku Media Player channel now has DLNA support and it works great.  At least, it works better than my Denon AVR3312CI streaming software.  No lag and it had no problem finding all of my AAC audio by different criteria - Artist, Album, Individual Tracks, Artist/Album, etc.  Apparently Apple TV does not support DLNA and Roku Media Player prior to the end of 2013 did not support it either.  I’m glad Roku finally added DLNA support.  My Denon is discontinued, the software is buggy and there are no more firmware updates available.  Thank goodness something works right end to end which seems to be a rare occurrence in this space.  For other users interested in streaming video from My Cloud to Roku 3 and Roku Media Player there may be some issues there depending on how the video was encoded.  Not on my requirements list right now so I am good.